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Digital Marketing for eCommerce

E-commerce startup today, online retail giant tomorrow. Ignite your potential with proven customer acquisition tactics designed to enhance customer engagement, maximize conversion, and accelerate your path to success.


Infinity Media

You eat, sleep, and dream… e-commerce. You’re about to revolutionize the online shopping experience, but the digital marketplace is fierce and rapid growth is paramount. After all, new e-commerce ventures are launching every single day.

You need a team that can match your passion for retail innovation with the digital marketing prowess to get you ahead…quickly!

At Infinity Media, we’ve been immersed in the e-commerce sector for years. We’ve had the privilege of collaborating with some of the fastest growing e-commerce businesses globally. If you have a disruptive product, we have a world-class marketing system that can take you from launch to dominating the market.

Marketing Strategy

In the fast-paced e-commerce world, finding effective strategies can be tough. With our tailored marketing approach, we'll highlight your products, engage shoppers, and create loyal customers.

Monetization & Pricing Strategy

E-commerce requires strategic pricing and monetization. Without it, you might just be another online store. Transform visitors into loyal customers and take your business growth to new heights.


E-commerce traffic is booming! But it's intimidating if you're not prepared. A competitor, even with lesser products, could outrank you. Don't risk falling behind due to neglected SEO. Leverage it for your success.

Media Buying

Interest in e-commerce is skyrocketing, and consumers have a wealth of options. It's not just about driving traffic, but securing QUALITY traffic that converts. Increasing your site visits is attractive, but not if it results in flat revenue and negligible customer growth.

Conversion Rate Optimization & Shopify Management

Every product requires individualized testing for optimal engagement and conversion. Through our expertise, we've boosted conversions from a mere 1% to a staggering 18%! Enhancing your sales funnel's reach is crucial to monetizing your customer base.

Email & SMS Marketing

Undeniably vital, email & SMS marketing serve as the lifeblood of e-commerce funnels. Executed strategically, these channels can become your powerhouse, driving rapid growth and supercharging customer acquisition to a whole new level of scalability.

Product Marketing

We're Shopify product experts, too!

Our founder, Reynold Krieg, was a serial product manager for tech startups, media empires, and Fortune 500 companies. With over a decade of experience on the “other side” of business and thousands of A/B tests, he understands the nuanced strategies and UX enhancements that drive conversion rates and customer acquisition.

Our team also consists of e-commerce marketing specialists. With a vast portfolio of e-commerce clients and countless product tests, we’ve learned an invaluable lesson: the stronger your product, the more effective your marketing can be. We collaborate with you and your team to not just expedite your growth marketing, but also to reinforce your core product and value proposition.

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Marketing for e-commerce is its own kind of challenge. Traditional strategies may not yield the desired results, potentially even putting you behind your competition and impacting your bottom line. What you need are fresh, innovative, proven strategies and techniques, specifically designed to accommodate the unique growth dynamics of e-commerce businesses.



The e-commerce industry is witnessing a massive growth spurt right now! Sounds thrilling, doesn’t it? Not unless you’re deploying the right e-commerce-centric strategies.

High cost-per-clicks and the potential for attracting traffic that doesn’t convert can rapidly deplete your marketing budget!


WeatherFlow Tempest


E-commerce ads have flooded Facebook & Instagram. Shoppers are curious and quick to interact, but keeping them hooked is no easy feat… and with the glut of e-commerce ads, distinguishing yourself is getting harder by the day.

Crafting a unique and standout creative approach is crucial. Deliberate and strategic planning is the key to triumphing over your competitors and achieving scalable success.



Year over year, the traffic on numerous e-commerce-related keywords is soaring, and competition is intensifying at a rapid pace. Failing to optimize and prioritize your SEO could result in squandered opportunities and trailing behind in this fierce competition.

At Infinity Media, we’ve crafted strategies to amplify your content, bolster domain authority, and optimize technical specifications, all aimed at helping you seize the surge in traffic. Despite the growing competition, our approach has consistently reduced customer acquisition costs by up to 90%, empowering companies to scale at an extraordinary pace.




We do it all – we come from a background of consumer startup & e-commerce and continue to work with a variety of clients in those spaces. We also work with both B2B and B2C lead generation. As far as the type of industries, we work across the board from startup mobile apps & SaSS to CPG to real estate to coaching/consulting…the list goes on. If you’re interested in learning more reach out to us and we can get you relevant work examples.

Plain and simple. Experience, integrity, and performance.

EXPERIENCE– We’ve worked extensively across a variety of industries and understand the landscapes across the board. At the same time, we come from a tech/UX background so our strong suit is conversion rate optimization and funnel management – the most unique & challenging part of the funnel. We know how to iterate, test, and drive results for any business…period.

INTEGRITY– Our references are strong and we will let them stand for us, but we really value honesty and integrity. It’s critical to our business. We act as part of your team and expect to be your team to treat us as such (in a lot of cases several of our team members will even have a client based email address). One of the main things that sets Infinity Media apart from other agencies is the way we care. We treat your business like it’s ours…meaning we go the extra mile, we think outside the box, and we’re driven by your performance.

PERFORMANCE– We understand at the end of the day, working with a great team is rainbows and unicorns…but it comes down to results at the end of the day. Digital marketing in 2023 is truly quantitative, which is the beauty of it. We’re able to test, track, analyze, and optimize every KPIs through the funnel….and that’s exactly what we do. From reporting the first week, you will understand the areas of weakness and what progress we’re making working on the grow those KPIs. Reporting each week is predicated on progress, action items, and of course results.

The most important part of your funnel is the landing page flow. Anyone can drive traffic if they want to spend the money…the questions, can you confirm your traffic at scale? As we’ve mentioned, we’re conversion rate specialists with backgrounds in consumer funnels and UX. Not only does it take specific mechanics throughout the funnel, but it also requires users to trust you…in other words the design of your page. Does it look like it’s thrown up on Shopify page in 15 minutes or does it exude credibility and trust.

Infinity Media creates all of its landing pages completely custom.

THE FIRST PART IS THE DESIGN PHASE: we start with 3 concepts and iterate on them until we have one we approve. Generally, it takes anywhere from 2-5 iterations to complete the final design. This takes anywhere from 3-10 days depending on the number of iterations we need.

THE SECOND PART IS THE DEVELOPMENT PHASE: we leverage the assets created to construct a fully optimized landing page(s) on your website or landing page platform.

THE THIRD PART IS THE TRACKING & TESTING PHASE: we set up all of the tracking pixels, favicon, and Google analytics as well as ensure the pages/funnel works as intended.

Generally the only thing we need from you is to complete the New Customer Onboarding Document and share your assets with us in a Google Drive or Dropbox folder (please make sure these are public or shared with [email protected] and [email protected]).

The assets we require are your logo, creative images, videos (promo videos, how-to-videos, teaser videos, etc.), branding guidelines, other company assets, etc. The more info you can share the better.

This is a very broad question and may vary significantly for each type of business (not to mention, there is always room for conversion rate improvement). The real answer is not necessarily how much time does it take, but how much testing can you get through to figure out the “secret sauce”. If you’re spending $20k per month you can run multiple A/B tests at a time and continue to optimize the funnel in order to expedite the conversion rate process. If you’re spending $1k per month if may take a bit longer to get to an acceptable conversion rate. Regardless of the type of funnel and ad spend, most new funnels are highly optimized and converting well within 1-3 months.

There is a ramp up period of research & homework in order to understand your business inside/out. Consider us salesmen that are equipped with marketing skills – we need to know your business and industry like the back of our hand. That research goes into a comprehensive media plan, equipped with the strategy, audience segments, audience targeting & keywords, and even the ad copy & creatives. After we receive all of the requirements from the client, it takes about 3-5 days to complete. After another 2-3 days of collaboration with the client, the media plan gets approved.

At this point we begin the construction of the campaigns: the traffic campaigns (Facebook, Google Ads, etc.), landing page funnels, and email campaigns. Depending on the depth of the campaign, this process can take 7 – 14 days. After everything is finalized and approved, we complete QA in order to test everything throughout the funnel and give it the green light.

We’ve been in the marketing realm for decades and have variety of experience when it comes to traffic & social media, conversion rate optimization, and consumer communication. We know how to fix funnels and get consumers to convert.

For our Do-It-With-You package, we offer a service for higher converting funnels that require management & scaling.

For most of our other packages, we include Strategic Growth Consulting. This means, in addition to the services provided in your package, you get dedicated consulting throughout the entire funnel/business. Our goal here is to strategize with you, work with you or your internal team, and improve the holistic funnel. In most cases, this is walking through each part of the funnel to identify the KPIs and areas of weakness. Then we identify action items and tests we can administer to address those weaker KPIs. We monitor the results weekly and continue to work towards those goals ACROSS the entire funnel. This is anything from the ads to the specific emails to the type of social media content that’s being produce.

We have packages that are intended to cater towards every business. The way we position them are that, we are a team of senior digital marketing specialists with extensive experience in the business. We offer packages that are a fraction of what you would pay if you hired an in-house senior employee.

For a fraction of what you would pay if you hired 1 in-house employee, you get a talented team of senior digital marketing specialists dedicated to your brand. These packages start at $500 per month for our most nimble plan to $4,750 per month for our most comprehensive plan. Note, the latter package is comparable to most agency packages services that cost at least 2-3X more.

We have packages that are intended to cater towards every business. The way we position them are that, we are a team of senior digital marketing specialists with extensive experience in the business. We offer packages that are a fraction of what you would pay if you hired an in-house senior employee.

There is a significant amount of work that needs to be done on a daily/weekly basis in order to continue to optimize the campaigns at a baseline spend. However, once we maximize the conversion rate and begin to scale the campaigns, the scope and level of effort increases proportionately as you scale up the ad spend. For example, we recommend at least $3k-$5k per month of ad spend to get started. The level of effort at $3k-$5k per month is vastly different than the level of effort at $15-$20k per month.

Note, a short answer is we don’t scale the campaigns until we reach profitability and once we do it’s the most equitable and in the best interest of both parties to continue scaling.

In order to get started we require a few things from clients.

  1. New Customer Onboarding Document – In order to learn about your business we ask a variety of questions to become intimate with your product/service, business model, value proposition & differentiators, competition, and brand. This document is extensive. Fill out only what is applicable.
  2. Share Facebook Business Manager Account our Partner ID: 1060955810582560
  3. You can create one by going to Business.Facebook.com
  4. Share admin access to ad account, FB page, IG account, (and pixel if set up)
  5. Make sure to add a payment method for the ads.
  6. Google Analytics admin access to [email protected] & [email protected]
  7. Access to the website and/or landing page software (if applicable)
  8. Access to your email service provider (if applicable)
  9. Assets – your logo, creative images, videos, branding guidelines, other company assets, etc.

All packages get reporting delivered each week by Tuesday morning. In this report you will get a list of action items and tests that were administered along with the insights and results of those tests. You will also get a high level view of the most important KPIs and a sheet with all operative KPIs. Each week based on the results of the previous week and the campaign roadmap, we put together new action items and tests we want to accomplish over the next 7 days. This is an extensive look at the current progress, results, and the short-term future roadmap of the campaign.

Additionally, reporting for the Comprehensive Growth Package is delivered in real time in an automated, real-time reporting dashboard.

Clear communication is one of our core beliefs. We understand things change on a weekly and sometimes daily basis. We will never reduce the amount of communication required to be success on your campaigns.

Normally, over the course of a campaign, the first few weeks we will be in constant contact either via email or phone as we get conformable with each other’s working style and communication. As the campaign progresses, those calls are not limited, but generally become less frequent as the communication and working relationship strengthens in parallel with the campaign results. Regardless, you are always welcome to reach out to us at any time!