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How to Use AI in SEO that can Help to Improve your Website

Artificial intelligence continues to take over the business world with the majority of them adapting to the innovative creations in various forms. It has become almost inevitable for one to apply SEO intelligence in running and growing a business on digital platforms.

One of the most commonly used applications of  AI is SEO By applying artificial intelligence in search engine optimization, one is able to rank on major search engines like Google much faster.

One might be asking, what’s the hype with using artificial intelligence for SEO? The simplest and fastest response to this will be to improve website performance. But again, how does one get to do that? 

Please see the response to the above question in a series of highlights below:-

  1. AI assists in content optimization and keywords creation in search engine optimization
  2. AI is applied in creating google ranks algorithms as exemplified by BERT and RankBrain


The application of AI in search engine optimization is what makes the ranking process more effective. The combination of the two (SEO and Al) is what boosts web rankings and content performance in search engines. 

By definition, Artificial intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems. Specific applications of AI include expert systems, natural language processing, speech recognition, and machine vision. AI often is undertaken in conjunction with machine learning and data analytics, and the resulting combination enables intelligent decision-making. Machine learning takes data and looks for underlying trends. If it spots something that is relevant for a practical problem, business owners can get that knowledge and use it with data analytics to understand specific issues.

The following are the 5 Ways to Use AI for Search Engine Optimization

1. Generating the most effective keywords

It is common knowledge that AI is one of the most effective ways of finding keywords fit for your targeted audience through web content. Lucky for us all, there are plenty of keyword research tools that are AI-based and can fit to one’s niche. Through these tools, you get the extra advantage which is the competitive edge of knowing your competitor’s keywords, identifying loopholes, and building from what they are not doing. It is impossible to accomplish all that through a manual application, the process requires artificial intelligence to do the trick. With AI, you get hassle-free solutions to search engine optimization.

Another key item to note is the use of the right keywords for landing pages. As well crafted as your landing page might be, without using the right keywords – it is most likely to rank lower in SEO. optimizing your landing page using the right keywords will always pay off in the long run. The good thing is you can create multiple landing pages using a variety of keywords. Start exploring AI-based tools today to create keywords that will make your website or landing page rank higher in the search engine and capture the attention of the targeted audience.

2. Creating and Optimizing Content

Amongst the many good qualities of AI is creating content for SEO. Through insights on trending topics, you can adapt a few things and create unique content effective enough to beat competitors. It is best to go for visual content due to its ability to grab the attention of visitors. There is a wide range of visual designs to use ranging from charts, graphs, infographics, screenshots, etc which can boost engagements on specific platforms. Additionally, there are various proofreading tools available online which can assist with editing and optimizing keywords. Such tools are the likes of Grammarly and more. Note, attractive content is the one that is clear and relevant, with tools like Grammarly and infographics you can achieve that and more.

3. Exploring Link-Building Opportunities

Another important aspect where AI helps with SEO and website optimization is finding link-building opportunities. There are numerous AI-powered SEO tools that you can use for this purpose. Semrush, for example, provides a brilliant Backlink Audit tool that provides you with opportunities for link building. It will show you a list of sites where you have published content but have not asked for a backlink. You can use this list for your link-building outreach campaigns and get quick backlinks without much effort. This is one of the easiest tactics to build links and a brilliant example of how using SEO AI makes life easier.

4. Voice Searches Optimization

One of the most underrated uses of AI SEO is its application in optimizing web pages for voice searches. By using AI-based tools you can explore the most frequently asked questions by customers depending on a certain keyword. Such tools can be exemplified by AnswerThePublic which provides auto-generated keywords based on the commonly asked questions by various internet surfers. 

5. Making Regular Audits for SEO 

One of the most important, yet complex, tasks for AI SEO software is to conduct regular site audits. Site audits are important to find and fix issues that may affect your website’s search performance. Such issues could be anything from broken links to duplicate content and should be fixed promptly. Artificial intelligence SEO tools like Semrush and other alternative tools can conduct extensive site audits within minutes, if not seconds. These tools can provide you with a ready-to-use list of SEO issues that need to be addressed and also sort them out by priority.

Final Takeaway

If you’re looking forward to improving your web rankings and performance in search engines, using search engine artificial intelligence is the way to go. Using AI-based tools helps to simplify the optimization process and make it more efficient. Make your website rank higher in search engines and drive more traffic to your landing page for higher conversions.


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