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Infinity Media is your one-stop-shop for top-notch marketing solutions. We’re pros at boosting sales on two fronts: making sure visitors are buying stuff and improving the steps they take to hit the “buy” button. With years of experience in the industry, we know exactly what it takes to help businesses succeed.

Our approach is simple yet effective – we work closely with our clients to understand their business goals and objectives, and then tailor our services accordingly. Whether it’s developing a new website, creating compelling content, or running targeted ad campaigns, our team has the expertise needed to deliver results. And with our focus on data-driven insights and analytics, we’re able to continuously refine our strategy to ensure maximum ROI for our clients.

Shopify Conversion Rate Optimization

At Infinity Media, We understand that a great e-commerce shop is one that turns browsers into buyers. So, we offer our Shopify Conversion Rate Optimization services to help you convert visitors into customers and make more moolah.

Here are some of our main tactics:

Conversion Funnel Optimization

We inspect your store’s purchase process and locate places where users might be quitting. By making it easier and more enjoyable to shop, we’ll get you more purchases and dough.

Our conversion funnel optimization plan features:


A/B Testing

We make different versions of your store’s pages and compare them to figure out which one works better. This helps us find out what’s stopping customers from buying and tweak it for more sales.

Our A/B testing methods include:

Upsell and Cross-sell Strategies

We find ways to sell more stuff to customers by suggesting other products they might want. This boosts your sales and average purchase amount.

Our upsell and cross-sell strategies include:

Cart Abandonment Recovery Tactics

Here’s how we get back customers who have abandoned their shopping cart. We shoot a bunch of targeted emails to folks who’ve left their carts to nudge them towards completing the purchase. This technique can do wonders for your store’s performance and help you recover lost revenue.

Our remedies for cart abandonment include:

Personalized CRO Strategy

We’ll work with you to come up with a customized strategy for increasing conversions (CRO) that matches your business objectives. Our team of experts are experienced at optimizing Shopify stores for all sorts of trades, from cosmetics to gadgets.

Our tailored CRO tactics comprise of:

At Infinity Media, we’re all about making sure you crush it in the ecommerce game. We want your store to do really well while also providing your customers with a top-notch experience. Get in touch with us soon, so we can discuss our Shopify tricks to increase your conversion rates and take your store to the next level.

Landing Page Funnel Optimization

At Infinity Media, we understand how crucial it is to make landing pages that really get people to buy in. Our Landing Page Funnel Optimization services aim to help you make it easy for customers to say “yes” and maximize your sales.

Here are some of the big moves we use to make it happen:

A/B Testing

We make different versions of your landing pages and compare them to see which one works better. This helps us find out which parts of your landing page could be improved to get more people to buy your product or service.

We test things like different headlines, pictures, and texts to see which one people like best. We also try different layouts and designs.



Conversion Funnel Optimization

We look at how people move through your landing page and find places where they might get stuck. By making it easier for them to buy what you’re selling, we can get more people to buy it.

We do things like making the steps to buy shorter, simplifying the forms they need to fill out and making the landing pages friendlier.

Lead Generation Strategies

We help you find ways to get more people to give you their contact information. This helps you get more leads that you can turn into customers.

We do things like offering free stuff in exchange for their contact information, creating ads and landing pages that target specific groups of people, and using pop-ups that encourage people to sign up for your newsletter or other offers.

Personalized Optimization Strategy

We partner up with you to make the perfect plan that fits your specific business objectives. Our team of experts knows their way around optimizing web pages to fit different industries such as healthcare, finances, schools, and you name it!

Our custom-made strategies include:

Unbounce Platform Optimization

We’re experts at optimizing landing pages made with Unbounce, which is a flashy tool for making pages that convert a lot.

When we’re working on your Unbounce landing page, we’ll do things like:

We take your lead generation and conversion goals seriously and want to help you make awesome landing pages.

Call us at Infinity Media to talk about our Landing Page Funnel Optimization services and how we can help you step up your page game.