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How to Create a High Converting Landing Page for Your Business (2022)

Are you looking for the simplest ways to create high-converting landing pages for your website or homepage? The truth is a landing page is the best way to make a great first impression on everyone visiting your page. It is the linking factor for you and the visitors of your page/website who could be potential clients.

It is crucial for every business owner or content creator to invest in creating the ideal landing page that will capture the immediate attention of visitors and generate sales. Creating high conversion landing pages is one of the best strategies to cater to the needs of your customers and doing that requires one to go through a series of processes.

Steps for creating a high-converting landing page for your business in 2022


1. Use Landing Page Builder


Technological innovations have simplified the way a lot of things are done – you don’t have to start from scratch to build up things anymore. The same applies to those who want to create a landing page for your business. You can now use landing page builders available online to build, customize and optimize landing pages for conversions.

Landing page builders are available in a wide range of options based on one’s skill level and the objectives behind creating landing pages that convert. However, it is important to note not all LP builders are beginners friendly therefore it is best to go for one with preloaded template designs you can improve and apply. Another essential item to remember is tracking your progress once you’ve set up the landing page. The best analytics tool for this is called A/B testing. This tool is specifically designed to track metrics of viewers, leads, likes, and impressions, to mention a few.

2. Value Proposition

The second step after setting up the LP is creating content with a value proposition. This part is where you explain to your page/site visitors what’s in it for them. When a person visits a page, they look for something that will benefit them and not otherwise. As a business owner or content creator, you need to use this factor to generate sales. The value proposition is what attracts customers to your services or products. It lets the customers know what they can benefit from what your company is offering.

Value proposition doesn’t need to be a standalone element, you can drop it in different sections of your web content just to make sure the message cuts across. Just to make things easier for you, below are a few things to keep in mind while drafting your value proposition.

Create a bulleted list of benefits one gets from the services offered

Don’t use it as a platform to brag about the company, but rather what they can benefit from you. So make sure the value proposition is about the product or service, not how good the company is.

References and Reviews

The references being referred to here are the rates of engagement in terms of likes, shares, subscriptions, tags,, tweets, etc. It is crucial to display these regularly on the landing page as social proof of your content reach or landing page conversion. It is no secret that most people nowadays are more likely to purchase a product or enquire about a service that is highly recommended online. These social media recommendations and references from trusted peers play a big role in generating sales from potential leads. The bigger the customer base the easier it is to gain new customers through testimonials. Showing potential customers that you have a big fan base will help you win them over. Always make sure you incorporate customer testimonials on your page. Below is a guide on how to include customer testimonials on your page to scale sales.

Use testimonials from real people who are most relevant to your target audience. As much as we want to use influential public figures to scale sales, the most sales are those coming from regular people because they’re most likely to influence others compared to high-profile public figures

Accompany the testimonials with pictures of real customers as they will most likely influence others. The more authentic photo testimonials are the more the reviewers will relate to them and other readers who could be potential customers.


3. Use Videos to Pitch Sales

Visuals have become the most effective marketing strategy to boost sales for anyone who has an online business. Most of the internet traffic is generated by sales videos as they are more effective in conversion rates. Take an example of YouTube – this is a visual-driven search engine that is only second to Google in popularity. So, if you want to promote your landing page on YouTube, the best strategy will be to make a sales video. It’s much easier to grab the attention of a viewer than a reader by creating eye-catching content with a great value proposition statement. The video length should be around 30 seconds – 2 minutes and not more.

4. Create attractive headlines for your landing page

As little as it may seem, a landing page plays a vital role in generating traffic through the landing page. It is what captures the attention of a visitor to your page. A well-crafted headline will make a good first impression on potential leads who can convert into customers. Always make sure the headline has clarity and relevance to what the customer seeks. If you make it vague, it will most likely throw off the visitors and make them bounce. Understanding the targeted demographic will help you craft the headlines for your high-converting landing pages accordingly.



If you want to build a landing page for your business you can start by implementing the steps above. Creating a high-converting page for your business is not as hard as most make it out to be. With the right amount of effort, you can definitely put up an effective landing page. Always remember that a landing page is your brand and chance to make the best first impression so make it count.

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